The Angel Playbook
Tags: New, Recommended Books
Publisher: Red Cup Agency
Publication Year: 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
Narrator: Bobby Brill
With the advent of online investing in the form of equity crowdfunding, the JOBS Act opening the doors for new investors, and a new crop of startups reimagining and disrupting markets every day, there has never been a better time for entrepreneurs to raise money or for angel investors to seek new investments. With so much change, however, comes uncertainly. What angel investors and entrepreneurs need is a playbook, a manual that delivers the secret formula for financial success. That playbook has arrived.
About the Book

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More about The Angel Playbook

Whenever you make a powerful business presentation, deliver a winning pitch, or ace your business meeting, you have the potential to deliver a shot of financial adrenalin to your passion project. You can get the money you need to launch a startup, develop a business idea, or put investment capital to work and make investors happy.

And who’s listening to your pitch for money? An intelligent investor, who is always looking for new ventures that have a strong team, the potential to dominate a market, and a plan for future growth. That’s the game of “investing 101.”
But what do you do when the rules of the game change?

The Angel Playbook delivers the business communications techniques, methods, and mindset needed by entrepreneurs and angel investors to prosper and win.

Experts interviewed for the Playbook include experienced angels like John Harbison of Tech Coast Angels, Kevin Laws, COO of AngelList, Pocket Sun of SoGal Ventures, and Ross Blankenship of Angel Kings. The success secrets of equity crowdfunding are revealed by Ron Miller of StartEngine and Aaron Pollak of Chris Bechtel of Growth Engine Labs talks about how new ventures get traction, and Jessica Mah of inDinero walks us through the process of sustaining early success.

The Playbook addresses the psychology that drives successful investments in new companies. The Playbook opens the communications channels between the company founder and the investor, providing essential lessons for both so they can successfully navigate the changing funding landscape.

As a founder, you’ll learn the secrets of pitching new investments, how to recover from rejection, how to create a successful pitch deck, and more. Intelligent investors know the right questions to ask before they invest. The Playbook adds to that storehouse of investment knowledge, showing the angel investor how to sustain a productive relationship with a founding entrepreneurial team.

Included in the Playbook are profiles and listings of the top regional angel groups and how to pitch them. We cover equity crowdfunding with a clear-minded discussion of its pros and cons. Resources include a breakdown of investor schools such as 37 Angels and Stiletto Dash, as well as case studies and personal stories of startup CEO’s experiences at incubators and accelerators such as Y Combinator and Techstars.

Startup founders and investors alike will benefit from the Playbook’s advice on how to get the most out of the mentor-mentee relationship that is part of the angel investment process. Company founders and angels will learn how to work together and how to develop the relationship to breathe life into new business ideas and help them thrive.
What is a successful company if not an idea delivery system? It must succeed on that level first, even before it can make money. Once it starts to build revenue, it uses the engine of commerce to self-perpetuate. Investors prime that pump. In just the past few years, the investment landscape has changed dramatically.

How is all that going to work?

The Playbook answers that question in ways that help you move forward, whether you are an angel or an entrepreneur.


About the Author
Lee Schneider

Lee Schneider is the owner and communications director of Red Cup Agency in Santa Monica, CA. Red Cup has reimagined communications for startup and enterprise businesses, building online networks, managing content, developing media, and creating PR campaigns. He has taught media and crowdfunding for the USC School of Architecture, where he is a member of the faculty, and has taught business marketing at General Assembly in Los Angeles. Married to a goddess, he is the father of three. Find him on Twitter at @docuguy.

He is the author of Be More Popular: Culture-Building for Startups, Chronicle of a Startup Town: Los Angeles, Powerful Online Message Delivery - Free and Low-Cost Platforms for Creative Companies and Individuals, and The Angel Playbook, a guide for entrepreneurs and investors.

Factoid: He was a writer for the iconic cartoon series ThunderCats.

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