YouTube is Important for Startups

Look, I am a video snob. I’ll admit that right up front. Since I come from a production background I’m used to lots of toys, like multiple cameras, lighting setups powerful enough to trip the breakers in any celebrity’s home, Steadicams, helicopters and satellite uplinks. I have standards, dude.  But mostly now I ignore them. I need the rankings.

Art matters. You need rankings, too.

Are you launching or running a startup? Spare no expense on your explainer video. Throw everything you can at it and make it great. Have real people in it, you, your co-founder, your users, people who benefit from what you’re doing. People using your product and enjoying life at the same time is an unbeatable combo. Keep the stick-figure animation to a minimum. It looks cheezy.

Bring on the cheez.

Speaking of cheezy, let’s switch the topic to YouTube. There are many things not to like about the platform. The cheezy ads, the cheezy videos that vault to the top of rankings, the clunky interface that invites struggle and strife. Vimeo is the elegant solution, and when I show videos to clients, or embed videos, or make videos for my e-learning platform, I post to Vimeo. It’s flat out better. But YouTube kicks its ass when it comes to display on mobile devices, and most importantly, when it comes to rankings.

If you want people to know your name, associate that name with a service sector or use case, making videos about that is a great idea.  Posting them to YouTube with keyword-friendly titles and descriptions is brilliant, because that is how people will come to know you and what you do.

I just finished writing a short white paper about this. Download it.

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