When is the Best Time to Post to Facebook and Twitter?

Twitter and Facebook go global 24/7, but if you want people to get your messages, you have to post them at the right time for your audience.

According to a study published by Mashable, most conversations are happening on Facebook around 3pm.  But if you are serious about your social media marketing, be sure to start posting to Facebook in the morning. Your status messages may hang around for a few hours, but they will be at the top of the newsfeed when most people begin sharing on Facebook, which happens around noon, and again after 7pm.  Those times are most active, Mashable reports, because 65% of Facebook users access the site when they are not at work or at school – in the early morning or evening. Post first thing in the day, then look for commenters after 5pm.

How to use Twitter for a business? A leading company studying social media marketing, Kissmetrics, published a blog claiming that most retweets occur in the afternoon, so that is a good time to post. A good frequency is from 1-4 tweets per hour. User spikes occur around lunchtime and at the end of the workday.

Most importantly, nearly 50% of the US population lives in the Eastern time zone, and Eastern and Central represent 80% of the population. That means that if you’re posting at 10pm pacific, most of your US audience is asleep or if awake, are professional insomniacs. Cue up your posts to the majority of people who might read them and you’ll get more connection. If your message is global then you won’t have to worry much about timezones. It’s always 5pm somewhere.

If you use a link shortener like bit.ly you can track your Tweets and see when your followers are most active. Buffer has a blog that often has great tips about social media sharing, like this one.