Valerie Lewis on the EdTechNOW Podcast

Our guest today is Valerie Lewis, teacher, founder and producer of EdObstacles, a revolutionary way to immerse students of all ages in problem solving and guide them to become strong communicators and advocates for themselves.

Valerie’s Twitter bio gives you sense of her positive energy: “I’m a Teacherpreneur, technology fanatic, a forever learner and DISRUPTOR of normalcy within education. Recently named Teacher of the Year in her local teaching community, she is dedicated to the transformation of learning through engaging and creative activities for ALL students.”

Key Takeaways:

  • “So how would I teach Math in a way that goes beyond the worksheet” Valerie at 3:54
  • “We had the students design the project and the activities and the courses ” Valerie at 5:00
  • “The uniqueness of EdObstacles is that you can integrate any subject area that you like” Valerie at 5:54
  • “The possibilities are endless and that’s why I think this idea scales” Valerie at 7:45
  • “Now skills is anything that our students need in the current moment to survive” Valerie at 8:01

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The podcast is produced by Red Cup Agency. Lee Schneider is the interviewer.