Val King on the Cult-Tech Podcast

You store information online. Is it safe? How about your medical information – who can see it? What would they do with it?

Val King is president and CEO at Whitehat Virtual Technologies, a company in Austin that works primarily with healthcare customers, helping them with IT solutions, delivering electronic medical records, for example, in a secure fashion. He joins Lee Schneider today to talk about medtech on the podcast.

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Key Takeaways:

  • “Now we’re asking a variety of organizations in terms of clinics hospitals pharmaceutical companies specialist the little neighborhood are all to have your records and all to have the capability of sharing those records amongst their partners so that as you move around those records can follow you.” Val at 5:01
  • “You could put a lot of layers in place to try to prevent the complete fringes of what we’re supposed to protect.” Val at 8:34
  • “A text is not a secure form of transport. So from phone to phone be if an image they had of personally identifiable information on it or traverse that path that by definition is a breach there needs to be a secure form of communication.” Val at 10:28
  •  “Health care providers have been trained since time began to take care of the patient and up to and including today, patient security be damned.” Val at 13:25
  • “I think the first question you should ask is How do you protect my data?” Val at 21:57