Trend Report: What Hiring in 2016 Will Look Like

As more millennials enter the workforce and companies loosen their belts, trade in suits for jeans, and hire more people they may never actually meet in person, the next few years should be interesting in terms of hiring.

Good News For Jobseekers

According to a recent report in CareerBuilder, companies are offering a bigger starting salary to attract the best possible candidates. Lowballing an attractive hire could be a bad move with so many successful startups and more people realizing the value of a smart and ambitious employee.

Startups Are Growing

Not only are employers offering more money up front, they’re hiring more people. The study showed that the “E” word is big in small business this year. That is – expansion. According to the report, 27% of businesses with less than 50 employees will hire full-time, permanent employees, up from 20% last year. While 33% of businesses with 250 or fewer employees plan to hire full-time, permanent workers, that’s 29% more than in 2015.

Here are some other trends to keep an eye on.

Figuring It Out

  • DIVERSIFYING: 55% said they will or promote more women for management roles, with 53% stating they will hire more minority workers and 47% plan on promoting workers under age 30 into management roles
  • FOREIGN TEAMWORK: 20% reported that they will hire workers with H-1B visas in 2016 to temporarily employ foreign-born workers for specialized jobs.
  • TRAINING INVESTMENT: 33% of businesses stated they will hire low-skill workers and train them for jobs that require higher skills.

Want More Info On Tomorrow’s Trends For Startups And How You Can Compete?

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