There Will be Haters

There will be people who will not be that into your startup. You haven’t a choice in this.  Some will keep away because they don’t want to be involved with anything online.  Some will not be the early adopters you’re hoping to reach. Some of them will be famous. Jonathan Franzen, for example, has written a well-known screed against the Internet.

‘The work of yakkers and tweeters and braggers, and of people with the money to pay somebody to churn out hundreds of five-star reviews for them, will flourish in that world. But what happens to the people who became writers because yakking and tweeting and bragging felt to them like intolerably shallow forms of social engagement?’

He misses the ‘quality control’ of print, bemoans the self-promotional decibel levels required online.

I feel his pain; I like print, too. But people are finding each other in different ways now, and that means making noise. Make the noise useful. Provide information. Build knowledge. Create a connection where there wasn’t one before. We are trailblazers, so this is going to get messy. Some people might be offended. Sorry. But not really. If you’re going to get in front with a first draft of anything, people will offer corrections.