Your Startup Needs a Twitter Ecosystem

Twitter ? Did I actually write that your startup needs a Twitter ecosystem?  Yes, Twitter is an unsung research tool for building a culture around your startup and growing user adoption. Here’s how it works.

You probably know that Twitter posts are indexed by search engines, so the more meaningful noise you can make on Twitter, the more likely you will appear in search results. Note that I said ‘meaningful’ noise, so let’s define that. Meaningful noise means creating communications that the listener or reader welcomes. To make that happen, you use Twitter first as a research tool, and then as a communications platform. Use paid or low-cost tools like Buffer and Mention.

Twitter Case Study

Let’s say you are a startup that is going to unbundle taxi and limo service. (I’m sure somebody’s thought of this before, haha.) Who are your potential customers? Where do you hunt for a user base?

Even by using a blunt-edged tool like Google Trends, and typing limo into the search box, you can learn that most interest online for limos is in North America, Canada and Australia, and that limo service is the most popular search term. This gives you a hint about your potential market, its location, and keywords you might need to include in your pitch. So far, so good, so let’s dig deeper.

Build a User Base on Twitter

That’s how you begin to build your user base on Twitter. Search tools like Mention let you peer into the digital world of potential users and the people who may influence their opinions. As a witness to their conversation you can show approval by favoriting or following. Often, they will follow you back, and just like that, you’ve started to build an an audience. As your circle of online friends grows you may well wonder what you want to say to them.

Start with a social narrative – a story about your startup’s origins and meaning that unfolds over time.