Richard Wolpert of HelloTech on the Cult/Tech Podcast

Joining us on the podcast is the CEO and founder of HelloTech, Richard Wolpert. HelloTech is an on-demand tech support network available all over the country.

Richard is responsible for many “firsts” throughout his career including: Conceiving of and teaching the first Macintosh Programming Class at Stanford University – the first multi-user address book for the Macintosh (TouchBase), the first kids internet subscription service (Disney’s Daily Blast), the first Tivo-like product for Internet Radio (BitBop Tuner), the first *legitimate* music subscription service for the Internet (MusicNet), and the first legitimate online movie subscription service (Starz! On Demand). We will talking about the subscription service model in this podcast, as well as the world of IoT. The podcast is produced by Red Cup Agency. The interviewer is Lee Schneider.

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Key Takeaways:

  • “But once we get somebody signed up to a subscription and we know that the churn is good meaning that they don’t churn out quickly they last for two three four years as a customer.” Richard at 4:30
  • “We’re experimenting with various operas right now to find out what is the most interesting and what is the most desired by the customer. Certainly there are numerous subscriptions that customers have that they are satisfied with. ” Richard at 5:10
  • “So I think it comes down to Are you appealing to a consumer who’s looking at this as a consumer service in which case the ceiling on what you can charge for subscriptions probably going to be much lower versus Is this an enterprise solution ” Richard at 8:24
  • “You know one of my sayings is that you’re the only one doing something you’re either a genius or an idiot and usually you’re an idiot.” Richard at 12:31
  • “But there’s a lot of research that says over the next five to 10 years people will have as much as 30 to 50 Internet connected devices” Richard at 15:20

The Cult/Tech Podcast is produced by Red Cup Agency. The interviewer is Lee Schneider.