Resources for Indie Writers

I gave a class online today about indie publishing and writing, along with Tabby Biddle and Mike Fishbein. I realized that in an hour, you can only scratch the surface of what’s involved in this new world of online book writing, publishing and promoting.  Here’s some more information for those who want to dig deeper.

The best all around blog series for background is Jane Friedman’s, and there is an excellent post about what authors can learn from startups by guest blogger Ricardo Fayet, CEO of reedsy.  Reedsy, by the way, is a great place to search for an editor. It’s a meetup and hiring market, similar to Elance, but specifically directed toward connecting authors and editors.

The best insider’s view of indie writing comes from Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Her Discoverability blog series covers just about everything you’d want to know about online book production, pricing and promotion.  Her best advice?  Do not underprice your book.   Her Things I Learned is a deep look at the ebook market, including a clear view of how publishing has dramatically changed.

If you want to become slightly depressed, but emerge better informed after a brisk read, have a look at Smashwords’ Mark Coker’s essay on how ebook publishing is more difficult than it used to be. (But he does tell you how to succeed.)  The Washington Post’s Ron Charles gives you the traditional publisher’s and reviewer’s view in a blog about why he doesn’t want to read your self-published book. It’s pretty nasty/snotty, but as a traditional gatekeeper, he’s entitled to his opinion.  My opinion? The story proves why traditional publishers are losing ground to e-publishing and have had to adapt.

Finally, if you like stats, look over the latest author earnings reports, and be amazed that roughly 46% of traditional publishing’s fiction dollars are coming from e-books.