Philly Nicks Brandboom Podcast

On Brandboom podcast host Amy Zhou discovers trends and shares tips and stories from the savviest retail brands.  Our guest today is Philly Nicks who founded YHF in 2015 in LA to make sunglasses. You can also find the podcast on SoundCloud, iTunes, Tunein, Stitcher, and the Google Play store. Learn more about Brandboom. The podcast is produced by Red Cup.

Key Takeaways:

  • “We really use our relationships and the products spoke for itself of what we are offering. So, that is definitely one of the main reasons why there’s a lot of success.” Philly at 6:50
  • “Opportunity is when luck meets preparation” Philly at 7:03
  • “The only right way is to put yourself out there and be willing to be humiliated, be willing to, you know, have people look at you and say, “Dude, this dude’s crazy.” Because that’s how you learn and through that time you’ll learn, “Okay. This is what’s right, this is what’s wrong.” ” Philly at 10:04
  • “We definitely have been going very hard with Instagram ads lately and it’s been showing a lot of growth. ” Philly at 11:18
  • “I don’t want YHF to only be sunglasses. I want it to be a lifestyle and what we sell is sunglasses.” Philly at 12:24
  • “I feel like the industry’s definitely headed two ways. It’s definitely headed straight to consumer on your website and, you know, helping Facebook ads and Instagram ads to the marketing, and subscriptions. Subscription boxes have been so successful pretty much” Philly at 14:53