Nick Gray of Museum Hack on the Cult-Tech Podcast

Museum Hack leads what they call “renegade” museum tours for individuals, private groups and company team building in New York, DC, San Francisco and Chicago. Nick Gray, the founder and CEO, is here to tell us how it works, and what a renegade museum tour is, anyway. Nick has some valuable lessons for startups and marketers: He has used content marketing to help his company become better known.


Key Takeaways:

  • “Our tours are two to three times as fast as most museum tours and they’re led by an amazing cast of characters.” Nick at :43
  • “I’ve just wanted to create a great experience for my friends and that’s what this business is really rooted in.” Nick at 4:18
  • “We choose our guides based on their storytelling ability and it’s very hard. Usually we’ll have over 200 applicants apply for one job opening” Nick at 6:09
  • “What happens is people come on a tour with us and they really really like it. They see it’s legit and that our tour guides are amazing and presenters and facilitators and then they want us to kind of be that inside their company. ” Nick at 10:57
  • “Our museum customers are amazing in doing some amazing things attracting new audiences and that’s really what it comes down to is that museums today aren’t competing against other museums.” Nick at 14:19

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