Matthew Pierce on the Cult-Tech Podcast

On the podcast today we welcome Matthew Pierce, founder of Versus Systems. Versus is a white-label platform that allows video game publishers and developers to integrate prize-based matches into their games. The system allows players to participate in pay-to-play matches or sponsored tournaments.

The podcast is produced by Red Cup Agency. The interviewer is Lee Schneider.

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Key Takeaways:

  • “With Versus we wanted to build a company around making these interactive media experiences even more fun than they already are” Matthew at 1:40
  • “This is a space that has a lot of complex legal and regulatory issues associated with it, whether it’s for sweepstakes or for advertising or for prizing certainly pay to play stuff. ” Matthew at 2:49
  • “We want the game publishers and developers to be able to just build great games just build engaging products and we want the brands to just be able to provide prizes to the players and we want the players to just be able to have even more fun than they already have.” Matthew at 5:45
  •  “You turn on the game you love, and you can choose from a menu of prizes that you want to play for and it can be in matches you know and the winner gets the prize. Or it can be achievement based. If you beat this level or or get this many points or you crush that much candy or whatever, it is the achievement can yield real products in real life.” Matthew at 8:10
  • “You know I would say get out there and do it. Find an audience and really over serve that audience. ”Matthew at 13:40