Marketing to Millennials and Generation Z with Nicholas Cole Mather on the Brandboom Podcast

On Brandboom podcast host Amy Zhou discovers trends and shares tips and stories from the savviest retail brands. Our guest today is Nicholas Cole Mather, an expert on branding, on marketing to Generation Z, and an amazingly prolific writer, with more than 200 columns for Inc. alone. You can also find the podcast on SoundCloud, iTunes, Tunein, Stitcher, and the Google Play store. Learn more about Brandboom. The podcast is produced by Red Cup.

Key Takeaways:

  • “The biggest thing that I’ve noticed it has to do with this idea of access where I think, the millennial generation they wanna know things when they wanna know them or they want to meet people when they want to meet them or they want to create their own schedule when they wanna create it” Cole at 2:10
  • “A lot of millennials are kind of boxed in and coined as these people that they don’t wanna learn, they just scroll through Instagram all day. But really, they do wanna learn.” Cole at 3:51
  • “It’s like if you have your main thing being a site or a product or an app or whatever and the usability of it, the actual experience of it gets compromised just so you can put an ad there or you think that like that’s the better way to reach someone. It’s almost like they’re still not hearing it, that no one’s paying attention to that ad” Cole at 10:10
  • “A great example of how to “sell” in today’s economy is like, you’re not telling someone, “Go buy this,” you’re sharing something of value and then saying, “And by the way, it’s here if you want it.”” Cole at 12:07
  • “The reason influencer marketing is becoming so popular is because it is one of the first marketing strategies if you will, where you’re not telling the consumer, “Go buy this.” You’re saying, “You already like this thing. Here’s my story. First person. This is me. And, oh, by the way, this thing’s here if you want it. Anyway, back to the story…”” Cole at 13:19
  • “People go online for two reasons, they either wanna be entertained or they wanna learn” Cole at 17:14

Read the show transcript here.