Margo Morrison on Brandboom Podcast

On Brandboom podcast host Amy Zhou discovers trends and shares tips and stories from the savviest retail brands. Our guest today is Margo Morrison, of Margo Morrison New York, home of hand made jewelry that is edgy, elegant, original, and always in style. Her pieces can be found in Neiman Marcus and the Real Real as they appeal to women and celebrities of all ages. You can also find the podcast on SoundCloud, iTunes, Tunein, Stitcher, and the Google Play store. Learn more about Brandboom. The podcast is produced by Red Cup.

Key Takeaways:

  • “I’m a creative person with a very strong business mind. So I don’t just sit around saying “oh isn’t this pretty” I’m thinking how do I monetize these things?” Margo at 2:43
  • “The whole point of doing wholesale is that the stores do the work for you ” Margo at 5:39
  • “Part of the way you grow in a business is networking and knowing people” Margo at 6:51
  • “Brand awareness has to translate to sales at some point” Margo at 12:50
  • “If you’re not flexible to the changing times and the changing way things are done, you will be obsolete” Margo at 15:39
  • “We need to make them really easy for them (our wholesale customer) because they can just on and take another brand” Margo at 19:10