Los Angeles: Dawn of a Startup Town

You could argue that Los Angeles has been a startup town from way back, but then you would be wrong. Sure, there was a hardcore tech base here in aerospace, and an engineering base at places like Caltech and USC. Though vital to LA’s development, those places did not function like startups, did not address consumer-centric problems, and of course, when they got started, there wasn’t an Internet.

MySpace, the online community, was the first major consumer Internet company in LA. Amit Kapur joined MySpace in 2005, when it was, pretty much, a startup. He eventually became its COO. Now he is president of AOL publisher platforms, and is CEO and a co-founder of Gravity. Gravity looks at the content you interact with online, such as the stories you read, the videos you watch, and then creates an interest graph to filter the content on the site to something personal, tailored to your interests.

‘We apply machine learning and some very advanced technology that we’ve developed so that we can dynamically adapt the page to every user.’ Kapur told me in a recent phone conversation.

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