LA is Mecca For The Creative Class


Natalie-Campisi1It’s a strange phenomenon that Los Angeles is not always pegged as a creative city – a flaky, tree-hugging, sometimes superficial, plastic-surgery obsessed city, sure. Creative? Not so much.

You’d think that with all of these movie studios and now original content studios (Maker, AwesomenessTV, Hulu), that people would make the connection between real companies and real talent. That is CREATIVE talent. Unfortunately, L.A. is often forgotten when people think of art and creativity. (Who do they think is writing, designing, building, scoring, etc. all of these films? Even the bad ones require creativity, Michael Bay.)
So while New York is known for its art scene, Memphis for its focus on music and Chicago claims the architecture prize, it turns out Los Angeles trumps them all in the sheer number of creative industry jobs it supports.

Released earlier this month, the 2015 Otis Report on the Creative Economy by Otis College of Art and Design shows that L.A. outpaces Chicago more than three times in the amount of creative industry jobs and edging out San Francisco by more than 30,000.

“Los Angeles claims to be the creative capital of the U.S. and the findings of this report support that. The L.A. region is home to over 418,000 creative industry jobs, the largest number of any metro area in the country. It also has the largest concentration of creative jobs at 8.4%, far surpassing the New York City area and other large metro areas around the country. And because of linkages to other parts of the regional economy, 15% of jobs and 13% of output are tied to creative industry activity,” According to Dr. Robert A. Kleinhenz, Chief Economist for Kyser Center for Economic Research.  To get the full report, go here.