Kidizen: Social E-Commerce for Moms

Kidizen is a mobile marketplace for parents to buy and sell pre-loved kid stuff. It is community driven with a social aspect that really allows buyers and sellers to connect. The site caters to customers looking for anything from a vintage look to a bargain on a high-end dress. Ultimately the treasure hunt for a great deal on a unique item becomes part of the fun.

Founders have a strong background

The founders of Kidizen come from an agency background, with a focus on retail advertising and brand building. They worked with large retailers with moms as their audience. As a result, they spent years exploring what drives moms and their consumer behaviors. This background has helped them grow the company as they have such a good grasp on their audience’s interests and pain points.

They have social media influence

Kidizen has established quite a substantial audience on social media. They boast 1,000+ Twitter followers, 67,000+ Facebook likes and 7,000+ Instagram followers on their corporate pages. They focus on a lot of engaging content (especially graphics) that caters well to their target audience. Social media influence is helpful to Kidizen as a community driven platform because it helps maintain and develop their customer base.

Success with press

Kidizen has had a great experience reaching out to a variety of different publications. In particular co-founder Dori Gaff exclaimed that the “mom blog community has been wonderful.” Mom-focused bloggers can be hard to reach and sometimes will only write about you if you pay to play. Outreach can be very hit or miss at times. Fortunately for Kidizen, many of the writers that they reach out to are already using their platform. This is especially useful because those writers are able to speak to the service in a very authentic way.

For the time being they are focused on continuing to build the Kidizen platform. Looking into the future, they plan to continue to focus on press outreach to mommy bloggers. They are also open to exploring potential brand partnerships. We admire their community-driven E-Commerce service and look forward to seeing them continue to grow.