Katrina Abston on EdTEch NOW

We are talking today about online education, and taking a look the independent California Virtual Academies. – comprised of 10 schools. They use the K12 curriculum which is accessed through an online school as well as traditional methods.
Our guest today is Katrina Abston, Executive Director for all of the California Virtual Academies, and we’ll discuss how this works.


Key takeaways:

  • “Instead of going to a local brick and mortar school our students login to the computer and we actually have an interactive classroom which is on the BlackBoard platform” Katrina at 1:08
  • “The exciting thing about virtual education is we’re able to keep up with those changes” Katrina at 3:17
  • “Who can enroll in one of the California virtual academy schools?” listen at 3:30
  • “Our program is accessible to every student who needs it or parent that desires it for their family” Katrina at 4:43
  • “Virtual education is an amazing option that’s available tuition free” Katrina at 11:05

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