Jennifer Gonzalez on EdTech NOW

Our guest today is Jennifer Gonzalez, a teacher, author and founder of the Cult of Pedagogy. ( Jennifer’s work is focused on supporting educators, and she has her own podcast – the Cult of Pedagogy podcast. ( She is co-author of Hacking Education, and author of the FABULOUS Teacher’s Guide to Tech.


Key Takeaways:

  • “If the child is learning more tech at school and they’re not able to access it at home then that probably further divides the child from there parents” Jennifer at 1:23
  • “You’ve got kids who want to assimilate but also want to feel their own culture is valued ” Jennifer at 5:46
  • “Explain to kids that reading what you’re naturally drawn to is great” Jennifer at 7:20
  • “I think there’s a lot that teachers can do to sort of empower kids ” Jennifer at 9:12
  • “See that technology as something that is going to help them do what they’ve already done in more effective and efficient ways” Valerie at 8:01

The podcast is co-hosted by Noah Geisel, education director at Stackup, and Lee Schneider of Red Cup Agency.

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