Jared Chung of CareerVillage.org on the Cult/Tech Podcast

Joining us on the show today is Jared Chung, founder of CareerVillage.  Students post requests for career advice on the site, and CareerVillage matches those requests with an online pool of working professionals who answer. For educators and others CareerVillage represents a new resource to help students succeed.

Key Takeaways:

  • “But if we were talking about their future, it was personal to them, it was a passion of mine, and I could really connect with students.” Jared at 3:43
  • “I think for students, what we need to remember about your average American high school freshman is that, if you’re talking to them about careers, you’re probably having the first conversation that they’ve ever had about careers, right?” Jared at 5:38
  • “We’ve learned that it’s very important to make sure that we don’t overtax our volunteers ” Jared at 9:30
  • “So I think there’s something about being true to the students and meeting them where they are” Jared at 10:59
  • “Basically, we have career advice. Career advice is great. That career advice to show up first on Google, on Bing, on whatever your browser choice is, right, when you, as a young person, are looking for career advice.” Jared at 15:00


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