Henry Albrecht of Limeade on the Cult/Tech Podcast

Limeade is a corporate wellness technology company that drives employee engagement. The platform inspires happier, healthier and more productive employees. Their tagline is “great companies invest in the well-being of their people, and in return, employees invest in the well-being of the company.“

Henry Albrecht is CEO and board director of Limeade. and he joins us today on the podcast to talk about how companies are implementing effective workplace wellness programs. Listen right here, on SoundCloud, or iTunes, or read the podcast transcript.

Key Takeaways:

  • “I’ve found that my life at work has a huge impact on my life at home and my relationships with my friends and family and how I feel every day.” Henry at 1:03
  • “We actually use kind of the voice of the human being to determine what well-being is. ” Henry at 1:47
  • “One key to successful programs versus ones that aren’t so successful is try to take in the whole person and also their motivation not just where they are right now but what do they care about what do they want to work on. ” Henry at 3:30
  • “ I think what’s happening is the silos of work life are breaking down. I think one is the silo between your wellbeing and your work.” Henry at 7:35
  • “The magic of software is taking a really complex population of people all of whom are different by creating a very personal life and guided experience for those people.” Henry at 15:20

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