Growing an Organic Community

The Culture Seed

The best way to connect with people is to do so within a community. After you have joined an existing group with like-minded people who can turn into potential followers of yours, you want to slowly grow and curate your own. Your culture that reflects you and your endeavor will act like a seed in the process of growing your community. Coming back to the idea of how important it is to find and deploy your culture – the process of building your community is comparable to planting and growing a tree – laying the foundation of your business with your own unique culture is nowadays the only sustainable way to find the right people. People to work with, people who will buy your vision and people who will become your followers.

What is an Organic Community?

We live in a time with loud advertising and sometimes unethical marketing communications. Therefore, people will appreciate it and be thankful when you communicate an honest culture to them. It’s the very start of building and growing an organic community around your business by curating genuine relationships with your people. People will find you because they share your values and want to be part of a sincere culture that you represent. You want to treat each of them with respect because you and them will build and grow the organic community together. The goal is to create a social unit that will grow users and loyalty as well as drive innovation and reinvention for your business.

Connecting with people using an organic Community

We’re surrounded by gazillions of startups claiming a unique culture. It’s easier than ever to just hook up with one that looks interesting to you and adapt something that doesn’t quite reflect your personality. However, if you’re serious, consistently investing the time in deploying and reinventing your own culture is necessary. This continuous effort of self-examination will transfer to an active and transparent communication with the community members. The active communication will again keep the community interested in further being part of your movement as well as aid in the deployment of a further more relevant culture. It’s an interdependent beneficial cycle. And as you can see, the whole story goes back to building the culture from the inside (of your community)!