GeniusLunch: How Startups Can Create A Dream Team

GeniusLunch is our brand new webinar series for startups. In this month’s edition, we cover how startups can find, hire and keep the best talent out there. Our guest speaker is Dean Hume, a London-based software developer, techie and author of the recently published book Building Great Startup Teams. You can also find Dean at this year’s Velocity Conference, where he’ll be presenting on various aspects of website building. Also joining us via chat is Judy Vincent, Human Capital Recruiter/Talent Acquisition Strategist at Arcesium LLC.

Here’s our agenda for the webinar.

Searching Social Media for Hiring Info
Preparing for an Interview and What to Ask
Benefits That Startups Can’t Afford to Ignore
Creating a Culture That Attracts the Talent You Want
Keeping And Strengthening Your Team

The webinar is presented by Red Cup Agency. Lee Schneider is Red Cup’s communications director. Natalie Campisi is Red Cup’s webinar producer.

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