Dr. Baron Davis On EdtechNOW Season 2

Dr. Baron Davis is Richland School District Two’s Superintendent in South Carolina. He leads a school system that serves more than 27,000 students. It’s one of the state’s largest. In a far-ranging conversation with Noah Geisel, he discusses education strategy in the digital education environment. They discuss use of social media, online educational resources, and more.

EdTech Now is a short podcast about education technology and how it’s used in the classroom. The podcast is sponsored by Stackup, a Chrome browser extension that tracks reading online for teachers and students, and delivers metrics to administrators. The podcast is hosted by Noah Geisel, education director at Stackup.

Stackup is the only tool that unlocks the learning benefits of the entire web, while providing the accountability educators need to measure progress and engagement. With Stackup, you can measure and report online reading and learning for your entire district, in less than two minutes. Go to Stackup.netThe podcast is produced by Red Cup Agency.



Key Takeaways:

  • “These are students who are pushing innovations in a digital age” Dr. Davis at 1:06
  • “We just developed some rules on the use of cell phones and we involved the students in looking at those rules” Dr.Davis at 3:55
  • “Our ideal school district is to be the premier school district” Dr.Davis at 6:14
  • “Often times great organizations don’t really know whey they’re great” Dr. Davis at 12:30