Donald Rumsfeld’s Game

Donald Rumsfeld writes in his Medium blog that he has done business, politics, and war, and now he is doing a mobile game. There are too many aspects of those items that are strange, so let’s start a small list.

  • Donald Rumsfeld has a blog.
  • Donald Rumsfeld has a blog on Medium.
  • One can casually remark that one has “done” war.
  • A war criminal can not only escape prosecution but also can create a mobile game.

It’s beyond surreal to read about Rummy grappling with developers, UX, and marketing. It’s possible that it’s all a hoax, and he is not developing a game but merely living out the twilight of his world-destroying years in safety and comfort. Let’s assume that it is not a hoax, however, and that one of the men who broke the world, along with Bush and the rest of the neocons, has reinvented himself as some kind of a startup guy. Is that beyond strange? Does this mean that anything is possible? Read the rest of this blog on Medium, where it first appeared.