Developing Your Long Term Media Strategy

I have always been a fan of quick hacks and tricks that can get me moving faster. Ultimately what you truly want is loyalty, and hacks often will not help you achieve that over the long term. The only solution is to develop and sustain your media presence over a long period of time.

As mentioned in a previous post: strong writers should consider blogging, just as effective talkers should consider a podcast. “You must figure out the smoothest way for your company to continuously create media of the long term,” as Lee Schneider put it in his Amazon bestseller Be More Popular: Culture Building for Startups.  Perhaps your startup is in phase two. You’ve launched, gotten some users, and you are ready to roll out a few new social channels. How do you refine your process so it is sustainable and effective?

Building communities online is about being specific, really specific. You have to start small, with a community of committed fans and users and grow from there. In other words, you must become popular with only a few people who truly care. You must get specific, as broadcasting everywhere will not help you truly achieve your goals.

You can create feedback loops that will help you understand which channels should be cut, emphasized, or added. Implement powerful listening tools like Google Alerts, Topsy, Hootsuite, Mention and more. Utilizing these and other tools will help provide valuable insights as to what is resonating with your audiences and what is not.

Continue to refine your strategy. Ping your community with blogs, Instagram photos, and newsletters. Deploy your culture steadily over the long term. Following these steps will help build a stronger audience around your start-up company. For some tips on creating content you love, check out this blog.

Amit Kidron is an Account Manager at Red Cup.