David Ostrov of NoteBLOX on the Cult-Tech Podcast

Joining Lee Schneider on the podcast for this episode is David Ostrov, principal at NoteBLOX. NoteBlox is an open api that allows it to integrate with whatever system you have. It doesn’t matter if you need to feed email, a project management system or a help desk. NoteBLOX is configured to integrate with your processes.

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Key Takeaways:

  • “It’s a system that doesn’t require full time support” David at 4:30
  • “We think the need is basically providing notes, collaboration on whatever it is that you’re working with” David at 6:20
  • “If you don’t try and be different and try to get noticed and be a thought leader and we don’t have the benefit of huge VC funding so you better do something to be different.” David at 7:10
  • “People want a real person, they want to relate to you” David at 9:50
  • “The go to market matters more then the product” David 19:35