Cult/Tech Podcast with Rob Vickery of Stage Venture Partners

Joining us today on the podcast is Rob Vickery, co-founder of Stage Venture Partners. Stage Venture Partners is a seed fund in Los Angeles that invests in software startups with defined and creative technology. They concentrate on new platforms – new forms of media, new forms of transportation, new ways to analyze and make use of data and new software to solve old problems.

In the podcast, Rob discusses some of his favorite recent investments and technologies, explores the role of the investor, and gives some valuable tips to startup founders who are preparing to pitch to investors.

Read a complete transcript of this podcast with Rob Vickery.

Key Takeaways:

  • “What is your definition of a new platform?” listen at :30
  • “There is not one tried and tested process or acid test before you make an investment”  Rob at 4:10
  • “The beauty is that with a venture fund all investment decisions lie with myself or my cofounder” Rob at 5:32
  • “An area we find fascinating on the frontier is computer vision” Rob at 9:20
  • “How far do you think we are from having computer vision just be part of the software suite we use everyday?” listen at 11:12
  • “I think you should be raising enough money for 12-18 months of runway” Rob at 17:06
  • “Invest in stuff that you really like and that you think you can help ” Rob at 20:34

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