Cult/Tech Podcast With Lee Mokri Of Byte Foods

Joining me today is Lee Mokri, co-founder and head of sales and marketing at Byte Foods ( Around the clock, Byte delivers healthy and affordable snacks, beverages and meals to employees at businesses and office buildings. The company is working to reinvent workplace eating through connected refrigerators, RFID technology and deliciously fresh and healthy food.

Lee is also the founder of 180 Eats, an on demand meal service that delivered healthy lunches and dinners to families in the Marin area in Northern California.

We talk about food delivery services, keeping employees happy, workplace wellness and more in the podcast.


Key Takeaways:

  • “The foods got to look good on the website, it’s got to be delivered on time and its got to be delicious” Lee M at 2:13
  • “If you provide meals on site your employees are healthier” Lee M at 3:43
  • “Our average employer saves almost 200 hours in productivity time per month” Lee M at 10:14
  • “At the end of each day we remove the food that isn’t purchased and we donate that food” Lee M at 10:48
  • “We make the healthiest choice the most convenient” Lee M at 11:20
  • “About 75% of people that have access to a Byte machine use it on a regular basis”  Lee M at 13:05

The podcast is produced by Red Cup Agency. Lee Schneider is the interviewer.