Cult/Tech Podcast Sean Duffy of EdTech Austin

Joining us on the podcast is Sean Duffy, the founder of EdTech Austin, a hub for edtech enthusiasts to connect and collaborate.

Sean Duffy is an educator and edtech leader who is passionate about helping to make meaningful change in education through technology and community-building. Sean is the founder of EdTech Austin, co-founder of EdTech Action and the lead Organizer for Startup Weekend Education in Austin, TX. Currently, Sean is responsible for Corporate Strategies and Partnerships with Hack Reactor in Austin, TX and is the Regional Director of EdTech First.

Key Takeaways:

  • “You can no longer have a career that doesn’t involve tech in some way” Sean at 3:47
  • “Early on we do need to have students being able to think analytically” Sean at 7:19
  • “We actually partner with companies who will hire our graduates directly from us” Sean at 11:43
  • “As an educator I love the fact that these coding boot camps exist” Sean at 13:39
  • “If the products don’t their effectiveness then they have to be retooled” Sean at 15:35

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