cult/tech Podcast: David J. Neff of

In this edition of cult/tech David J. Neff of talks about the wealth of behavioral data available online and how to succeed by measuring and acting upon it. Clearhead is an validation and optimization agency helping companies employ a/b testing, personalization, and analytics in pursuit of continuous, data-driven improvement. In the podcast, David breaks all that down. We talk about using proximity devices to map behavior to locations out in the world, specific online behaviors, online shopping carts, and the value of friction – actually making certain transactions go more slowly.

David works with companies to help them see the value of a “test and learn” culture, and we talk about that, too. Oh, and since David is an experienced public speaker you’ll want to hear his on how many slides should be in your deck. cult/tech is produced by Red Cup Agency. The interviewer is Lee Schneider, communications director. Red Cup podcasts are available on Soundcloud, iTunes, and Stitcher, with more platforms coming soon. Want a podcast of your own? Get in touch.