Alex Corbitt on EdTech NOW Season 2

On today’s episode, Lee Schneider interviews Alex Corbitt about finding good books to assign for reading, how to recognize and reject fake news, and innovative ways that educations can use programs like Garage Band to spark enthusiasm about reading.

Alex is a seventh-grade English teacher at MS331 in the Bronx, NYC who last year was named to the International Literacy Associations “30 Under 30” List.

EdTech NOW is sponsored by Stackup, a Chrome browser extension that tracks reading online for teachers and students and delivers metrics to administrators. The podcast is hosted by Noah Geisel. Lee Schneider hosts this episode.

Listen right here on our site, or go to SoundCloud or iTunes. Visit Stackup for more info on tracking student reading online.

Key Takeaways:

  • “I’ve really switched my focus to not just getting books in the classroom but getting books that “A” my kids want to read  and “B” the books that are culturally relevant to my students experience” Alex at 1:19
  • “What you learn needs to reflect your experience” Alex at 2:45
  • “What I would do for students and adults would be I would provide them with a number of different news articles and sources and see if either students or adults could figure out which ones were legitimate and which ones should be debunked. ” Alex at 8:50
  • “Sometimes instead of giving my students a list of rules or “look fors” I might also just throw them kind of in the trenches and see if they can work together ” Alex at 9:36
  • “My students can also have conversations and share their thinking and reflections about the story in the YouTube comments box.” Alex at 11:06