Paul Byrne and Rob Jacobs, founders of UnSit, worked with a team to create their ebook, UnSit Yourself.

Paul recently retired as President of Precor where he led the introduction of a series of industry firsts including the EFX, the world’s first elliptical trainer. Under Paul’s leadership, Precor established itself as the industry’s leading innovator.

Rob has a lifetime of experience in the health and fitness industry spanning from the highly regarded Pritikin Longevity Center where he developed customized workout programs on treadmills to The Walking Center, a first of its kind chain of stores he founded in Southern California focused on walking and wellness. Today Rob is the co-owner of National Gym Supply, the largest online supplier of parts and services to fitness facilities in the US.

Lee Schneider, Editor-in-Chief at Red Cup was the team lead on the project. Kate Durocher and Terry Nguyen wrote sections.

UnSit Yourself

UnSit Yourself

Get ready to learn what lack of movement is doing to our bodies and our health - and how to fix the problem once and for all. Getting yourself up and moving is easier than you think, and it comes with huge side benefits like enhanced productivity, creativity, and sense of well-being. We know the excuses – “I don’t have time,” “it hurts to exercise or move too much,” and “I don’t know how,” just to name a few. We know we should do it, but we manage to talk ourselves out of it. Contrast that with your car: you follow the maintenance schedule, change the oil, and get new tires, because you know if you don’t you will pay dearly later. But for some reason, when it comes to our bodies we choose to avoid doing what’s necessary. All of us were issued only one body. It’s our transport vehicle through life, and the extent we choose to take care of it will, to a large degree, dictate how well we move through life and maximize the gift we were given. Getting back on track does not require hours at the gym. It’s a matter of choosing your time and wisely approaching the challenge of unsitting yourself. More info →