Fitting In Or Staying True to Your Vision? How Yacht Got It All Wrong (But Not In the Way You Think)

Using PornHub as ad space was clever. The first time. When Diesel did it in January. Nicola Formichetti, the high-end denim brand’s artistic director, told i-D Magazine, “The message is simple: before you jerk off, look at this.” This is a line Andy Warhol would’ve been proud of. There’s no crying or making excuses in art, people, or marketing – which, some might argue, is one and the same these days.

And now, here we are four months later with a different kind of product being peddled on PornHub, except this media stint wasn’t praised for its cleverness. We’re talking, of course, about the Portland band Yacht (also known as YACHT, but we’re grown-ups here – so it’s just getting one capital letter like all the other proper nouns) and their fake sex tape leak to promote their aptly named song, “I Wanna Fuck You Til I’m Dead.” Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans, the Yacht duo who also happen to be in a relationship, committed to duping the public, through Facebook posts, stating that their sex tape had been …

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The ABCs of Effective Marketing to Ed Tech Buyers

Ed Tech is Rich. Ed Tech is Hungry. Ed Tech is Hard to Penetrate.

Last year was a banner one for the education technology market. According to, in 2015 the industry got $1.85 billion in funding. The industry has seen venture capital deals boom – and there’s no sign of stopping anytime soon. GSV Capital predicts that the education sector will go from being 9% of America’s GDP to 12%. Not too bad.

With so much attention focused on new education technology, all the “silicon” startups (Silicon Valley, Silicon Beach, Silicon Alley) are bustling to get their products in front of buyers. But how? That’s the question.

Getting to the Core of What Educators Want

Despite educators being eager for great solutions, there’s still a challenge in getting educators to try or even think about trying your product. That is, in part, due to many startups being unaware of how educators like to do business (word-of-mouth, great reviews, in-person communication) and what gets them to perk up as they pass hundreds of tables down convention aisles.

And what do …

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Trend Report: What Hiring in 2016 Will Look Like

As more millennials enter the workforce and companies loosen their belts, trade in suits for jeans, and hire more people they may never actually meet in person, the next few years should be interesting in terms of hiring.

Good News For Jobseekers

According to a recent report in CareerBuilder, companies are offering a bigger starting salary to attract the best possible candidates. Lowballing an attractive hire could be a bad move with so many successful startups and more people realizing the value of a smart and ambitious employee.

Startups Are Growing

Not only are employers offering more money up front, they’re hiring more people. The study showed that the “E” word is big in small business this year. That is – expansion. According to the report, 27% of businesses with less than 50 employees will hire full-time, permanent employees, up from 20% last year. While 33% of businesses with 250 or fewer employees plan to hire full-time, permanent workers, that’s 29% more than in 2015.

Here are some other trends to keep an eye on.

Figuring It Out


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LA is Mecca For The Creative Class


It’s a strange phenomenon that Los Angeles is not always pegged as a creative city – a flaky, tree-hugging, sometimes superficial, plastic-surgery obsessed city, sure. Creative? Not so much.

You’d think that with all of these movie studios and now original content studios (Maker, AwesomenessTV, Hulu), that people would make the connection between real companies and real talent. That is CREATIVE talent. Unfortunately, L.A. is often forgotten when people think of art and creativity. (Who do they think is writing, designing, building, scoring, etc. all of these films? Even the bad ones require creativity, Michael Bay.) So while New York is known for its art scene, Memphis for its focus on music and Chicago claims the architecture prize, it turns out Los Angeles trumps them all in the sheer number of creative industry jobs it supports.

Released earlier this month, the 2015 Otis Report on the Creative Economy by Otis College of Art and Design shows that L.A. outpaces Chicago more than three times in the amount of creative industry jobs and edging out San Francisco by more than …

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