Written by Paula Arce

Podcasts are becoming one of the go-to channels for people who want to consume content on the go – in the car, at the gym, and just about anywhere else. Statistics say that one in three Americans has listened to a podcast.

Podcasts can engage your customers or create brand awareness, especially when you promote it on social media. The creative agency working on your social campaigns might agree that social networks can help you capture a large audience base. Various studies show that interactions on social media now rank as the second most popular day-to-day activity for the average person, next to watching TV.

With that said, here are six different ways you can use social media to bring your podcast within easy reach of your followers:

  1. Use Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories is a convenient way of announcing your new content to your audience. You only need to take photos or videos of your podcast, and Instagram will let you organize your posts into a single story that your followers can see for 24 hours.

If you have 10,000 followers or more, Instagram will even allow you to insert a link directly into your story, along with a call to action. Your followers should be able to listen to your podcast without leaving the platform just by swiping up through your story.

  1. Create a hashtag for your podcast.

Hashtags can be especially useful if you’re doing regular podcasts. Simply pick your brand’s name and turn it into a hashtag that your audience and loyal followers will see on your social feed.

For those unfamiliar with your brand, creating a hashtag with specific keywords for your podcast can increase its online visibility and make it more accessible for digital users who are searching for specific topics.

  1. Promote your podcast episode prior to release.

24 hours before going live with your episode, start promoting your podcast on your social account. You could create some hype to it by talking about your podcast guest, sharing some behind-the-scenes moments of your podcast recording, or sharing what you had learned about the topic of your podcast—all in a teaser.

  1. Show soundbite clips.

Soundbite clips can be 15-second snippets of your podcast, which you can upload on SoundCloud, an online audio distribution platform, andbe shared on Twitter where users can play the audio straight from their Twitter feed.

It’s also a good idea to re-share your podcast episode through a couple of tweets, especially on the first day of launch.

  1. Pin your episode to your page.

Whenever you have a new episode, pin it to your social media page. When an episode is pinned, it appears on the top section of your page and won’t move even when you post updates on your page.

When visitors go to your social account, they can easily see your pinned post.

  1. Use paid advertising.

Paid ads on social will cost you some of your marketing budgets, but they can be effective if you’re trying to target a specific market or audience.

For example, you may target those followers who are accessing Facebook on an iOS device and open the Podcast app.

Hopefully, these guidelines for your podcast’s social media promotion will get you off to a good start. In case you haven’t set up a podcast channel yet, now may be the time to get at it.

As social media use continues to increase in the digital space, we can also expect the popularity of podcast catching on soon.

About the Author:

As she makes her way in the digital marketing world as a Content Specialist, Paula also makes sure that she’s updated with the latest memes and trends among other things. With her inner rapper, Paula pops those headphones in and listens to her R&B and Hip Hop playlist during her long rides to and from the South. She either gets herself a venti cup or two of her fave iced coffee or a cold bottle of beer on a random day. There’s nothing in between.

Paula Arce is a content editor at MicroCreatives.  Find her at www.microcreatives.com

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