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Truly great marketing is the result of research, knowledge, invention, and passion. No matter how creatively skilled you are or how many years you have in the industry, your work will stagnate if your motivation declines — so you need to find ways to keep that enthusiasm alive.

One of the best ways to keep up with industry events and be creatively inspired is to listen to podcasts. You can listen during a commute, while taking a walk or even while trying to sleep, soaking up knowledge and getting entertained in the process.

But with high-quality podcasting being so accessible today, which podcasts most deserve your time? Here are 6 podcasts that will consistently inspire you to become a better marketer:

Call to Action

It’s fair to say that the team at Unbounce know a thing or two about optimizing conversions, and the action-focused nature of their work carries over to this weekly podcast. Not only does it offer you interviews with other industry experts in a relaxed and informal manner, but it also touches upon specific marketing tips along with resources you can use to carry them out.

The Call to Action podcast team is on hiatus at the moment, sadly, but with 74 episodes currently available, you can ration them carefully and keep your ears and mind occupied for the next year or so. If you’re all about finding clever ways to maximize performance, you’re in luck.

Marketing School

Neil Patel has a great reputation in the online marketing world as a result of his coaching and his tools (Ubersuggest is a superb time-saver for keyword research), and he hosts this podcast alongside fellow SEO expert Eric Siu. As you’d expect from Patel, episodes are bite-sized chunks based around specific actionable tips — there’s no wasted effort.

With each episode being a little over 4 minutes long, and the 700th episode rapidly approaching as I write this, there’s so much great stuff to delve into. Download a huge number of episodes and pick whichever one suits your mood — if you’re feeling tapped out on research, “Why You Shouldn’t Read Books” is the perfect pick-me-up.


Marketing isn’t typically a slick, seamless, effortless process. More often than not, it’s an intermittently frustrating grind. When your patience is wearing thin and you feel like a fraud, remind yourself that everyone has to scrap for success with Traction, a story-driven show about all the weird and wonderful ways in which entrepreneurs get ahead.

Produced by early-stage investors, this show hits upon all the tricky parts that often get glossed over in success stories. The challenges, the moments of good fortune, the lows that precede the highs. There haven’t been any recent updates, but with 57 shows already done, there’s plenty to get your teeth into.

Copyblogger FM

If you’ve ever been through the highly demoralizing experience of thinking you’re a solid writer only to learn how the pros do it and realize that you’re essentially an amateur, you’re probably familiar with Copyblogger. Copyblogger FM (as the name suggests) is the Copyblogger team’s short-form podcast, so you know you’re going to get some decent suggestions.

With 100 episodes out so far featuring expert guests and crafty pieces of advice for ambitious copywriters everywhere, this one is great for reminding yourself that digital content has an incredibly lofty ceiling — you can always aim higher!

Marketing Speak

Stephan Spencer is an SEO expert and popular speaker who talks up conferences all over the world, and Marketing Speak is his weekly show all about, well, marketing. You can expect a conversational format, with each episode featuring Spencer and a special guest covering their experiences and expertise while providing practical takeaways for the listeners.

The episodes are long-form (often stretching to an hour), so they’re great for lengthy commutes, and the provision of timed notes and transcripts means that it’s easy to go back and review what you’ve listened to. If you want to get granular in a relaxed way, here you go.

Hack to Start

Most businesses don’t launch relentlessly into success. Rather, they have to make mistakes until they’re able to hack something functional together. The team behind Hack to Start is fully aware of this, which is why their mission is “To ship fast, make mistakes, try new ideas, and learn” — a mission that is fully reflected in the optimistic tone of this show.

Each episode features an entrepreneur giving a candid account of how they really got started. With a new 20-to-30-minute episode dropping every Tuesday, and nearly 200 shows lined up at this point, there’s no shortage of inspiration fuel for you to digest. Give it a shot!

There you go: 6 marketing-focused podcasts to get your creative juices flowing and remind you of everything that made you want to do marketing in the first place. Lay out a podcast schedule to keep your inspiration topped up every week, and you’ll soon see real results in the work you do.

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