Launch Your Social Media Master Plan

A comprehensive online communications plan will create an atmosphere for your new idea, product launch or location to thrive.

You need a master plan for online communications if…

  • You are launching a new product, brand or location
  • You are promoting an event
  • You plan to spend more than half an hour each day working online social networks
  • You will use online media to communicate about what you stand for
  • You will build bridges, foster dialogue and connect with a constituency

You don’t need any kind of a plan if you are …

  • Posting videos of your cat
  • Aggregating content from others
  • Reposting, retweeting and recycling ideas

Why will a plan guarantee your success?

Online media comes at you in many directions – and it’s the same for your audience. Some of the people you need to reach are Facebookers, some are hooked on Twitter, others love Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, blogs or email newsletters. You need to know where to find your social media audience across all of those networks, and you need a consistent message to bring to them.

Therefore you need to brainstorm – research all online sources to discover where your audience will be. You’ll need to optimize your communications with them by determining what your strongest channels will be – and spending less time on the weaker channels.

Then, you’ll need to build a base, connecting and interacting with your audience every day. You will find out quickly whether your social media base is most firmly rooted in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Quora or Foursquare.

What next? Create a video showcasing your product, launch or event. Videos are the most popular form of online content, so you’ll want to take advantage of that.

With these elements in place, your next step is to consolidate your media presence. You’ll want to monitor Twitter so that you can connect with influential local and regional journalists who will help drive your message because they share your interests. Support your outreach by issuing press releases on a regular basis.

Want to go further? Consider posting audio, video and photo images of your next event. Be sure all your local listings up are up to date, including Yelp, SuperPages, Google Places/Google Plus, WhitePages, MapQuest, Citysearch, Yellowbook, and Foursquare. Even if you don’t have a storefront, these listings help stake your claim online, helping your business, idea, product or launch come up more readily in searches. Finally, consider starting up a mailing list and sending out a newsletter monthly or weekly.

Get a comprehensive plan in place and watch your ideas take root and thrive. Learn more.

Lee Schneider runs Red Cup, an agency focused on online communications and promotion. 

Launch image by Stephen Depolo via Creative Commons License.