Written by Frank Evans

Starting a podcast to promote your business isn’t that hard and almost anyone can do it. You just need some tech equipment and know-how to get started.

Finding an audience, if you have any experience with marketing, shouldn’t be that hard also. According to these stats, more than 50% of the US population has listened to a podcast at least once and more than 20% listens to a podcast every week. You don’t even have to invest any money in promotion. Instead, you can focus on search engine optimization and let the audience find you.

The content you put out, however, can be a challenge for business owners who aren’t used to looking at the world through the eyes of a content creator. 

That’s why I’d like to share some ideas on what you can talk about in your podcast. Every one of those topics can be a standalone episode or a series where you discuss the topic from different angles. With different guests, if possible.

#1 Mistakes

We all make mistakes, right? Nobody is immune to that. 

You can easily use that fact to your advantage as a content creator.

First of all, if everybody does it, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. You’re marketing to grown-ups, not school kids. They’re not expecting you (or anyone) to be perfect and they’re not going to mock your failed attempts.

Also, have you ever heard about F**kup Nights? It’s a global movement of people who gather to share the stories of their personal and business failures. 

Since everyone makes mistakes, those stories are very relatable. They make you more vulnerable, more human, and more approachable.

But what kinds of mistakes you should talk about?

It can be anything from your marketing campaigns that went nowhere to your hiring process that selected for wrong traits. And if you want those episodes to be super-effective, take the lessons you’ve learned and turn them into lessons that are universally applicable.

#2 Achievements

It’s true that mistakes are relatable and can help you connect with the audience.

But on the other hand, you mustn’t talk only about them. After all, you’re a business owner who helps others solve their problems. You’re not just a podcast host who wants to build an audience.

So you have to talk about your achievements, too.

Just be careful not to cross the line between sharing achievements and being self-aggrandizing. Nobody wants to listen to (another) business owner talking about himself and his business in superlatives. 

That’s why it’s best to be specific when talking about achievements. 

Talk about a particular client you had success with. Or bring your best hire as a guest and try to dissect what makes her a good hire and what makes a good hire in general.

#3 Marketing 

Even if you’re not a marketing agency, you can talk about marketing. 

That kind of content wouldn’t be directed to your potential clients like #2. Instead, it would be interesting to other business owners in your niche who can learn something from your experience. 

Getting clients is just one part of a successful business. On the other hand, you need to establish partner relationships with other businesses to which you can outsource some tasks or get help in any other way.

If you’ve started using some advanced marketing tactic, share the details. Ask your audience for opinion. 

Later you can use the results you’ve got to make another episode about a mistake or an achievement.

#4 Technology

Just like the episodes about marketing, the episodes about technology would be directed to relationship building more than to lead generation. 

There you can share the details about the tech stack that you use, for example, about your CRM or any other kind of software. 

Or you can share some tips for using that stack to show-off your tech-savviness.

Bonus tip: if you’re going to praise some software provider in your podcast, you may as well get an affiliate link to promote it and earn some cash for those who sign up through that link. 


As a general rule of thumb, you can always ask yourself: what would I talk about with my prospect or business partner if we were sitting in a pub?

And there you go. 

Everything that is not politically incorrect or simply rude can become a topic for your podcast.

You can share amusing stories about the first few years in business, some ingenious tips for guerilla marketing or handling the technical complexity of modern business…

Or whatever you like because, after all, it’s your show!

Frank Evans is a freelance writer working with Flow20, a digital marketing agency from London. When he’s not writing, you can find him on a long walk with his dog or on camping with his girlfriend.

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