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SEO or search engine optimization is about content and website optimization to achieve better search engine rankings and higher traffic. Many read tons of articles and books to create an effective SEO strategy for their websites and content. But, this is not always the case when you are keeping up with your work schedule, so, how would you get the best SEO tips then without being able to read about it.

Podcasts are pre-recorded audio media that can help you get all the necessary tricks and tips from experts at SEO. There are many such podcasts to binge on, but we will focus on the top ten podcasts which would help you master your SEO.

Before we start, let us look at the popularity of podcasts over the years. Podcasts are so popular that 82.4% of people worldwide listen to podcasts for more than 7 hours per week. In the new age digital transformation, Social Media is often considered to have the most considerable influence over people, but 59% of people are spending more time on podcast listening than on Social Media. So, yes! We can say that podcast has been a popular platform for many and even an advertising platform for businesses.

Experts on the Wire Podcast: Host- Dan Shure

Image Source: Experts on the Wire Podcast

This podcast hosted by Dan Shure is all about SEO and its related topics. There are many such podcasts on issues like advanced e-commerce, technical SEO, tree shaking in SEO, Javascript SEO, crawl budget, and other content related topics.

There are podcasts from several experts on different topics, and these experts like Barry Schwartz, Izzi Smith, Tim Soulo, Garret French, and others. From link building techniques to tricks and tips to increase the traffic on websites, and from organic traffic to keyword prowess, everything has been so well scripted in these podcasts that you are sure to marvel at them.

SEO 101:- Hosts- Ross Dunn and John Carcutt

Image Source: SEO 101

The podcasts hosted by Ross Dunn and John Carcutt also features other experts of SEO and marketing related topics. There several Podcasts that offer insights on Google Search Engine Console, its features, and all the necessary updates introduced by Google. They also focus on other SEO related products provided by Google and offer some great tips to achieve SEO.

The podcast channel also focuses on the different algorithms employed by Google crawlers and how to optimize your content based on these algorithms. The podcasts on local SEO and ranking Flux has been comprehensive and in-depth. If you are looking for an SEO-based Podcast channel to add to your list, be sure to list it.

Duct Tape Marketing: Host:- John Chahnst

Image Source: Duct Tape Marketing

Decade-old podcast channel has been active on topics related to marketing and SEO. Most of the Podcasts are focused on marketing insights and marketing strategies. There are specific podcasts for small businesses and Social Media marketing. Its all-star expert team of podcast hosts includes the likes of Michael Hyatt, Robert Cialdini, Sally Hogshead, Carson Tate, and others.

Podcast channel also produces different podcasts on the importance of meditation, recruitment tricks, growth hacks for businesses, and other such topics not relevant directly to the marketing and SEO. The channel has a massive archive of podcasts about many subjects, such as by several experts for you to binge on!

Webcology: Host:- Jim Hedger and Dave Davies

Image Source: Webcology

A podcast that concentrates on the SEO tools, Google tools, and other tricks to optimize your content and marketing strategy for high rankings and traffic. Started by Jim Hedger and Dave Davies, the two web marketers, the podcast channel has an extensive library of podcasts and audio interviews with SEO experts.

The focus of podcasts on all the latest updates and news around Google Ads and other search engines is quite enlightening, and it also focuses on the adverse effects of Google’s crawling results and Google’s bias to some top sites.

The In Search SEO Podcast: Host:- Mordy Oberstein

Image Source: The In Search SEO Podcast

Considered as one of the most insightful and entertaining podcasts in the podcast community, this is an excellent channel to get all the latest data, news, and buzz from the SEO industry. It also focuses on a variety of subjects like content marketing, branding, SEO automation, and many other topics. 

This channel, too, has an extensive library of podcasts by its parent company. It also focuses on web development components and tricks to optimize mobile app development for better SEO. There are podcasts on PPC, CTA, and other such Google Ads topics.

Noah Kagan Presents podcast: Host: Noah Kagan

Image Source: Noah Kagan Presents

The podcast channel has a reputation for producing unique podcasts focusing on the fun part of SEO and marketing. Podcasts on SEO strategies and tactics in a particular style have been the prime focus of this channel, and there have been several podcasts on SEO topics and expert interviews on the channel. If you are bored by that hush of the SEO and marketing strategies, listen to this podcast and get a no-fuss idea about SEO.

SEO Podcast Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing: Host:-Chris Burres and Matt Bertram

Image Source: SEO Podcast Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing

If you are looking to optimize your SEO through online marketing strategies, then this podcast has all the answers that you need. Chris and Matt have been producing insightful and exciting podcasts featuring experts and peers of SEO based internet marketing and other online marketing strategies. 

Marketing School with Neil Patel & Eric Siu: Host:-Neil Patel & Eric Siu

Image Source: Marketing School with Neil Patel & Eric Siu

This list is incomplete without the mention of this podcast. This has been a remarkable channel for all your SEO analysis and simple tips on SEO strategies, PPC marketing, Google Ads structure, CPC budgeting, Keyword bidding, and many other essential topics. Both the hosts are known for their expertise in the SEO industry, and the same is shared through their podcasts.

Search Engine Nerds: Host:- Brent Csutoras, Danny Goodwin, and Loren Baker

Image Source: Search Engine Nerds

A revamped podcast channel of the name Marketing Nerds, this channel has been producing excellent podcasts on different topics related to SEO from all the search domains, whether it is local, international, or national. It has brought insights and helpful tricks from influencers like Jay Baer, Frances Donegan-Ryan, Eric Enge, and many more. Other topics that it concentrates on are mobile search, voice search, search tools, and analytics.

The Chelsea Krost Show: Host:-Chelsea Krost

Image Source: The Chelsea Krost Show

One of the most influential host on influencer marketing, Chelsea has been breathtakingly insightful and an excellent mentor, when it comes to deciphering the millennial market for your business. She has produced several podcasts on the millennials and interviews with millennial entrepreneurs. If you want to market your products to Millennials, you got to listen to her!

Conclusion: As you gaze over this list, you will find different podcasts, directly or indirectly, connected to the SEO realm. These podcasts are like commandments that can help you master the SEO life. Each of them has been quite successful and feature industry experts on the subject. With the emerging SEO pressures and Google’s stricter regulations, keeping up with the trends is essential, and these podcasts will help you gain that. So, start podcasting to rule the SEO!

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