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The sounds of nature and falling coins are like sweet noise for any businessperson. So, how would you like to make more money in your business? Don’t have time for such content to read? Plugin your headphones and skip a song to hear some useful marketing tips with the podcast!

Marketing took to the audio medium and totally nailed it with Podcasts. Today, there are more than 850000 active podcasts with over 30 million episodes and content in more than 100 languages.

Podcasts are a great source of getting useful tips on marketing and business strategies for the growth of the business. Not only the content creators but, there are experts and entrepreneurs creating podcasts for business-related audiences. More interesting is the part where these experts cater to regular business problems and help businesses tackle these problems.

Podcasting is not just limited to marketing tips and tricks. But, it has rendered a high-end advertising medium to marketers and e-commerce businesses. As of now, 69% of podcast listeners believe that they heard of a new product or service on podcast ads.

So, if you are wondering that podcast being such a powerful medium, where do you start and what to choose for listening? Then, here we are with the top ten podcasting influencers that you can start with for your podcast listening!

  • Break Into Travel Writing

To all the buddying travel writers out there, Alexa Williams Meisler is a podcast influencer with 452k followers on her channel and her podcasts are all about the creation of travel blogs and how to create a successful career in travel writing?

The podcast has more than 150 episodes on several aspects of travel writing, including useful tips on creating travel content that can help marketers to achieve a higher rank in the search engine result pages(SERP).

  • Marketing Mentor

One of the most famous marketing podcasts on the internet now is Marketing Mentor by Ilise Benun. She is a business and marketing mentor and founder of the so-called marketing-mentor.com that is a proficient resource for many businesses and marketers to learn the use of tips and tricks related to marketing.

Her podcasts have more than 380 episodes on several key topics ranging from content marketing to customer relationship management and from SEO to the creation of high-quality content for better marketing.

  • Big Podcast

How about learning the art itself? Then searching for it! The big podcast by David Hooper is all about learning the trade of creating podcasts for your business.

This podcast is a perfect way to learn the basics of podcasting with advanced tricks and tips for growing the audience of your podcasts for marketing purposes. Available on platforms like Google, Apple, Spotify and even on the RSS feeds, these podcast episodes will help you gain the perfect insight into creating a marketing podcast with useful ways to connect with listeners and grow the podcast audience.

  • Accidental Tech Podcast

With businesses and corporates focussing on the mobile-first strategy and looking to hire mobile app developers to create high-end tech-based tools like mobile applications, knowledge on technology has grown popular!

Hosted by Marco Arment, Casey Liss snd John Siracusa, it is an excellent platform to get updates about upcoming technologies and innovations. As they themself declare that they are, “Three nerds discussing tech, Apple, programming, and loosely related matters.”

With more than 360 podcast episodes, these nerds really nail the programming knowledge and review Apple technologies.

  • Rage Works Network

From wrestling to movies and from comic books to gaming, this is not your normal podcast teaching all the stuff about marketing or business. It is a fun based podcast with different hosts’ own take on several different entertainment topics.

The RAGE works network has more than 190 episodes covering podcasts on gaming. Wrestling and many other sports like MMA. So, take a break from your regular business schedule and get the latest rants on the gaming world.

  • Ross Brand on Broadcasting

If you are a marketer and want to expand your reach to more audiences, this is the podcast on top of your playlist. Of all the internet traffic attracted by marketing campaigns, there will be an expected 82% jump in live video streaming audience in 2020.

Ross Brand on Broadcasting explores professional live streaming production tips and tricks for creating excellent live streaming videos. He is named as the number one live streaming expert and you can discover several different expert insights into the same through the podcasts.

  • The Impact Theory

The enigmatic naturally gifted Tom Bilyeu makes an impact with every episode on his famous podcast called the Impact Theory”. It is a business-focused interview show, where secrets behind the successful businesses are revealed through one on one interactions with entrepreneurs and business giants.

Host Tom Bilyeu is a serial entrepreneur himself and co-founder of Quest Nutrition, a Fortune 500 company. He is known to bring the real emotional flow in his guest to relinquish amazing trade secrets to the business community.

  • The Authentic Audience

Focused on organic audience reach, this podcast teaches new ways to reach the audience naturally without paid reviews, paid campaigns and paid advertisements. Krista Ripma is not just the host here, she is also an entrepreneur herself of the authentic-audience.co that crates to several businesses with branding and marketing solutions.

  • Garyvee Audio Experience

How about an online marketing expert with high Social Media following and a profile of an entrepreneur by profession? That’s Gary Vaynerchuk for you! Garyvee audio experience provides complete insight into entrepreneurship, startups and business strategies through the voice of Gary himself interviewing different business experts and entrepreneurs.

  • Masters of Scale

Ending it without the famous Reid Hoffman is like saying an incomplete story!

The famous internet entrepreneur from silicon valley, who is also co-founder of Linkedin, Greylock partners and many other giants in the business world. It’s like learning from the masters, about scaling your business ahead.

The podcast, however, focuses on the unconventional theories on how to upscale your business? with business giants and entrepreneurs sharing their success stories on building great businesses. The podcast covers several different topics like entrepreneurship, leadership, strategy, management, fundraising and many more.

This list is not rating podcasts from top to bottom or else Reid’s podcast would be on the top for sure. While you listen to the masters of scale, you will fall in love with it and never ever you will feel listening to a business podcast. Its dramatic background scores and cinematic sounds make it a delightful affair to listen to all those business stories.

Tuning the Mic Off

These are the podcasts that are popular in terms of listeners and fans. But, neither of them can be compared to each other as they all represent different topics altogether. The true beauty about all of them is, while many of them may be business-focused, they are basically stories! Stories that will inspire you to achieve great things in life and along with it have some fun too!

So, begin your podcast listening journey with these ten famous podcasts and learn the secrets to success, business strategies and ways to upscale your growth on the whole.

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