TechSmart Podcast – 30 Episode Archive

You’ll find all 30 episodes in our archive here in which we talk about crowdfunding, media and startup culture. 

This podcast has host Lee Schneider in conversations with startup founders, CEOs and crowdfunding experts.

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 Podcast Episode List

Episode Thirty: Josef Holm, co-founder of Tubestart, a crowdfunding platform for YouTube video creators. Tubestart started early in 2013 when Josef Holm and his friend and business partner, comedian Claude Shires, created a YouTube channel for a library of standup comedy bits they’d acquired. The site received a million views, but Holm and Shires received only a small amount of revenue. They realized that video creators needed a place to crowdfund their projects, and Tubestart was born. In TechSmart episode 30, Josef covers how to succeed on Tubestart, gives some thoughts on the crowdfunding landscape, and provides valuable tips about online video creation.

Episode Twenty-Nine: Lesley Mansford is CEO of Razoo, the fastest-growing crowdfunding site for causes. In TechSmart Episode 29, Lesley gives valuable tips and shares techniques for fundraising success on Razoo, and also talks about Razoo’s support for GivingTuesday, the annual, national day of giving on December 3, 2013.

Episode Twenty-Eight:  Sebastian Marshall is Executive Director of Children’s Plaza Nonprofit Corp, which runs GiveGetWin — a new approach to fundraising that helps raise funds for charity without emphasizing suffering or having anyone feel guilty. Marshall has lived, worked, and traveled through dozens of countries and currently divides his time between Asia, the US and Europe. Marshall’s main focus is the charity, which is a 100% volunteer operation.  He pays his bills with a small group of clients at his management consulting practice, focusing on executive development. Sebastian and Lee Schneider cover a broad range of topics on the podcast, centered around online trends.

Episode Twenty-Seven: Gabe Zichermann, chair of GSummit, CEO of and dopamine, inc is discussing gamification on the podcast. He’s the co-author of The Gamification Revolution: How Leaders Leverage Game Mechanics to Crush the Competition.

Episode Twenty-Six: David Hughes is an assistant professor of entomology and biology at Penn State.  Together with Marcel Salathé, a professor of biology at Penn State, they created and maintain PlantVillage, a website built to create a social network of people growing food plants.

Episode Twenty-Five: Kreigh Knerr, director of Knerr Learning Center, discusses bringing two applications to iTunes and Google Play. QuotEd Reading Comprehension is his a literacy training program and he’s also developed QuotEd ACT Science.

Episode Twenty-Four:  Kevin Lawton, co-author of “The Crowdfunding Revolution: How to Raise Venture Capital Using Social Media” joins us on the podcast today.  Kevin speaks in depth about crowdfunding and the global effect it is having on start up finance and culture.

Episode Twenty-Three: With us today on the TechSmart Podcast is Lotta Alsen, a start-up entrepreneur working in the emerging and merging space of digital media, entertainment and wellness.  Her latest project is called Quickenings, an entertainment-driven wellness platform.

Episode Twenty-Two: Andrew Wicklander is the owner of Chicago-based Ideal Project Group, developing apps and projects for start-ups and small businesses.  One of the group’s newest creations is a cloud based application called Tula Software.  Tula allows yoga studios to manage their students, class attendances, schedules, and all other aspects of their business online from anywhere in the country.

Episode Twenty-One:  Susan Curtis, social and marketing director for Scott Harvey Wines and president of All Social, discusses how Scott Harvey Wines uses social media channels to gain visibility in the food and wine world.

Episode Twenty: Will Mitchell of StartUp Bros shares his thoughts on dropping out of college to build a series of successful start up businesses.

Episode Nineteen: Jeff Haynes, editor at, gives up a wrap up on CES – the Consumer Electronics Show – in this special edition of the TechSmart Podcast.

Episode Eighteen: Jesse Gift, digital storyteller, recommends cameras, lighting and techniques for producing videos that look great using a minimalist approach.

Episode Seventeen: Pranam Ben, CEO of The Garage, a technological hub for innovation headquartered in Orlando. Less than a year old, the Garage is a tech start-up that is helping launch other tech companies. In this episode, we cover core startup ideas.  Among them: How to get a start up positioned for funding, how to set expectations for successful venture capital funding, and how to reach out on social media and elsewhere to promote your startup.

Episode Sixteen: Matt Hendrickson, CEO and founder of Ascendify, joins us on the podcast. Ascendify is a social recruiting platform that combines the qualities of  Facebook, LinkedIn and Monster to create a private social network for your company. Also, comedian Dan Nainan talks about one of his favorite applications – Evernote.

Episode Fifteen: One of our favorite business applications, Camtasia from TechSmith, allows you to use desktop video capture to make training videos or cinematic masterpieces. Shane Lovellette, Camtasia’s product manager is interviewed by Lee Schneider.

Episode Fourteen: What if you could see how your competition is spending its online ad dollars? With the right business intelligence tool, you can learn from what they’ve done, improve on it and prosper. Max Teitelbaum is co-founder of, an online business intelligence tool that allows businesses to see what their competitors are up to with their display and mobile advertising.

Episode ThirteenShahab Kaviani, Co-Founder and CEO of CoFoundersLab, talks about finding an audience for your startup, preparing metrics for investors, and effective content marketing. Should  you make a video? He has the answer on TechSmart.

Episode Twelve:  On the podcast in this episode, Andrew Yu brings on the mobile.  He’s CEO of Modo Labs, the premiere mobile platform for the country’s top schools.

Episode Eleven: Our series covering Start Ups: Arin Sarkassian of Well and formerly of Digg talks about promoting your start up.  Jeff Haynes of discusses digital cameras.

Episode Ten: First in our series about startups and startup culture: Kris Hewitt discusses how the coffee subscription service  he co-founded, eightpointnine, has leveraged online marketing. Maribel Lopez talks Big Data for mobile.

Episode Nine: The news from Apple has come fast and furious – but is it all good? In the view of some reviewers, the iPad mini landed with a thud, and some of the other latest and greatest products seem overpriced and under-featured. Jeff Haynes, editor at, sorts it out for you. And MJ Rose, book marketer, author, and blogger at Buzz, Balls and Hype, tells you the best ways to market your book online. The co-author of What to Do Before Your Book Launch tells you the secrets of connecting with bloggers, making a video, and how much to obsess over your Amazon author page.

Episode Eight: Michael Miller is Chief Marketing Officer of Hyper Marketing Inc., ranked this year by AdAge as the largest Independent Marketing Services Network in US.  We will be talking about how brands should respond to negative publicity online, and applications that don’t start out as business applications but later become them. Maribel Lopez, a mobile marketing analyst, discusses the concept of ‘right time experiences’ and how they will make our mobile applications more useful to us.

Episode Seven: Trevor Smith discusses the advantages of accounting in the cloud, and Jeff Haynes, editor at, talks about induction chargers and solar chargers.

Episode Six. Rajeev Kapur, CEO of Sonic Emotion, is doing some big listening to what’s next in digital audio, online and at home. Maribel Lopez, founder of Lopez Research and a mobile industry analyst, rethinks mobile marketing.

Episode FivePaul Mabray, Chief Strategy Officer at VinTank is leading the charge in social CRM for wineries, distributors, retailers and wine customers.  And Jeff Haynes, editor at, evaluates tablets, from iPad to Kindle to Nook.

Episode FourJosh Pigford, co-founder of PopSurvey, brings us the story behind creating online surveys that are beautiful, easy to create, and fun to take. And Jeff Haynes, editor of, tells you whether RIM, maker of Blackberry, is DOA. If you made the switch, should you move from a Blackberry to an iPhone or Android?

Episode Three.  An interview with David Barrett, the man behind Expensify. He’s made expense reporting fun, easy and and made it work on online, on your iphone, on your iPad and your Android. The story behind Expensify – how it came into being and where it’s going next – is our featured story on TechSmart. And … comedian Dan Nainan asks, What’s up with wifi? We discuss when it works and when it doesn’t.

Episode TwoMichele Christensen, a business strategist for solopreneurs, talks about how to smooth out your schedule with Google Calendar and appointment setting with TimeTrade. Jeff Haynes, editor of, advises you whether it’s smart to run out and buy that iPhone5 … or whether getting that next generation iPad is just pulling you into the upgrade cycle.

Episode OneMichael Rosenblum, author of iPhone Millionaire, How to Create and Sell Cutting Edge Video.  And Comedian Dan Nainan rants on hip and unhip email addresses.


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