Standing Out in a Crowded EdTech Market

We’ve convened an expert panel designed to help EDtech companies market their apps and products to educators.

As an edtech company, you have a dual market. You need to engage kids and you need to convince educators that your app, product and approach are worthwhile. Does it seem sometimes that there is an ever-widening chasm between developers and educators? Our GeniusLunch vidCast will get a dialogue going between EdTech developers, researchers and educators. You’ll learn what educators are looking for, what students want, and how to market your company to both groups.

We’re excited to host two expert panelists on this vidCast. Merve Lapus is the Western Regional Education Director for Common Sense Education. He manages school partnerships across the Western United States and collaborates with school networks, state level organizations, and community leaders to provide guidance around fostering a whole-community approach to digital citizenship and EdTech integration.

Abby Ross is the co-founder of ThinkCerca, a successful EdTech startup. ThinkCERCA is an online platform focused on literacy. The CERCA framework provides a common language for students, teachers, parents, and …

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Building an Online Community with Style

This is a recording of a webinar about building a fashion community around a new website called  Lee Schneider, communications director of Red Cup interviews Kiana Anvaripour, serial entrepreneur and founder of fovo. Want to see and hear more?  Join our community on Big Marker for access to free webinars.  Tech note:  There is a little feedback/echo at the beginning of this webinar, but it quickly resolves.

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Executive Summary: Conquering the High Cost of Content Marketing

Over on the Big Marker platform we do webinars each month. The most recent was called Conquering the High Cost of Content Marketing, and it featured a conversation between Communications Director Lee Schneider and Alissa White, founder of Matcha Source. To join up and attend our webinars live, please check out our community on Big Marker.

We follow each webinar conversation with a high-level executive summary that digs into the tools and techniques referred to in the conversation, and lets you in on how Red Cup handles these challenges for clients. Here’s a recording of that summary.

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Announcing a Free Webinar – Secrets of Digital Marketing

Number one in your market.

I want to help you achieve the goal of becoming number one in your market, so I’m leading a free webinar on March 1 called “Secrets of Digital Marketing.” It will get you charged up about the potential of content marketing online. I’ll share some secrets about how to achieve greater recognition and appreciation for what you do by amplifying your presence online. You’ll draw people to your website and social media channels by posting magnetic content. I’ll share real-world case studies, and for a take-away you’ll have a clear road ahead and a plan of action. I’ll be sure to leave some time for Q&A by chat or voice.

Here’s what I’m going to cover:

What is digital marketing, anyway? How your own creativity can help you SEO advantages of creating original content How your website and social channels represent you online Researching what kinds of content to post Managing your content

You are the primary storyteller of your brand.

(Even if you hire somebody else to post, the direction and message is up to you.)

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