To Switch or Not to Switch

People like the apps they’ve got, even if they’re terrible.  Often we should change, but if there is the slightest resistance in onboarding or interface, we get that dreaded word.


There may be a far better solution to the one that I’m using, but if I can’t import my contacts easily into your email platform, the answer is I’ll Do It Later. (=Never.) If I can’t view my document in your cloud app, the answer is I Will Try This Conversion Later. (=Never.)

It usually takes a catastrophic event to get people to make a change. One day, the Evernote server refused to serve up my 4,000-plus notes in Evernote. I had a blank screen. Catastrophe. I switched to a different notepad app. Then they went out of business, offering a one-click integration back into Evernote. I returned to Evernote and am still there.

The day Bush I invaded Iraq I decided I was tired of driving a car fueled by gas. I wanted no part of the war for oil. It was really hard back then to find …

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How Startups Should Break Things

Breaking things is important for startups. I don’t mean throwing things across the room, which I do from time to time. I mean handing a new app to somebody who has never tried it before, saying ‘try this’ with no instruction at all,  and seeing how they break it.

A client of mine is launching a new app for iPhone and we’re all having a good time playing around with the beta. I liked loading it up on my wife’s iPhone using Testflight and saying ‘try this’ and seeing if the interface was intuitive enough for her to navigate it. She did well, and so did the app. We saw how she wanted to press a button that brought her to a dead end, now fixed. We saw how we needed to add more sharing capability because that was what she wanted.

A colleague is launching a business directory site. I just listed Red Cup on it to see how the onboarding process was, what it was like as a user. I reported back; he was grateful. The onboarding process was …

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