Thinking Out Loud

500 Words | Written by Lee Schneider

I am thinking out loud. Reading the Steve Jobs biography. (The good one, not one of the knockoffs.)

Thinking about this quote: The best way to predict the future is to invent it. Attributed in various forms to engineers, thinkers, inventors. How do we go about inventing the future? There is a stew of culture that gives rise to huge movements – it’s a heaving mess, too big to see when you’re in it. Steve Jobs lived in the intersection of hippie and engineer culture, a California mix tape of brainy nerds meeting in Palo Alto garages, millionaires minted on an idea, a design notion, a mind-blip that blew up to become a world-dominating industry. How do you incubate that? You can’t. At Xerox PARC they bitmap the screen, Jobs rips it off, and you get fonts and graphics and a mouse to point at it all. Replicate that moment? You can’t. It’s immoral, it’s Picasso saying good artists borrow, great artists steal. You can’t put enough coffee in …

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