The Importance of Targeted Marketing: HotelEngine Case Study

Based out of Denver, HotelEngine has launched an exclusive hotel booking service focused on helping save time and offering discounted rates. It offers its services for free and is especially appealing to small to medium businesses that do not get the same business travel savings as many large corporations that book in bulk. We like them because not only do they provide a valuable service, they are also doing an excellent job of marketing as a small startup in an extremely competitive market. Check out their website here:

As HotelEngine’s Brian Gerbetz said in our interview, “The proof is in the pudding.” Most customers who try the service enjoy it and find it useful. Getting potential customers to try the platform can be quite a challenge, especially as a lesser known startup. How do they move forward?

They know what’s not for them

HotelEngine’s social influence is important, but it is not as essential as it might be for a standard B2C (Business-to-Consumer) organization. They also find it hard to cost effectively compete for …

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How to Push Content That Will Drive Success

You don’t need to be everywhere, as long as you communicate effectively within the channels you are on. For example, strong writers should consider blogging, just as effective talkers should consider a podcasts. Here’s a process to consider when starting or refining your channel:

Start your channel — give your incoming audience a destination.

Post frequently — keep the content coming and you are more likely to attain a committed audience.

Maintain the quality — Quantity should not be emphasized over a base line of quality for the content that you are producing. Ensure that your content is clean and professional, without any major hiccups or defects that might reflect poorly on your organization. Keeping this up will help your audience absorb your messaging and see you as a pro in your field.

Carefully consider keywords and descriptions — Ensure the “packaging” of your content is created such that it will attract the attention of your intended audience. Searchers will be drawn to your content based on its title, description and keywords. Some useful tips could be to include “How …

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Mapping the Startup Ecosystem

Skander Garroum has a mission.  It is broad and it is wide. Worldwide, in fact. His mission is nothing less than understanding the worldwide startup ecosystem.  He needs your help to do it,  but more on that in a moment.

He is the man behind Compass, a benchmarking tool for startups and tech companies.  With 30,000 users worldwide, Compass uses Google Analytics and other metrics to help companies understand how well they are doing, and also grasp their position in the startup ecosystem.

Garroum’s current project is mind-bendingly ambitious, nothing less than mapping the worldwide startup ecosystem. But he has done it before. In 2013 Compass completed a global ecosystem report.

He learned that in Los Angeles, for example, there were a higher amount of non-technical founding teams than there were in Silicon Valley. He learned that, ‘In Silicon Valley, you have a lot of PhDs and Masters coming straight out of university with some kind of fancy concepts who want to apply it to the real world. And in LA, you have more of your mom-and-pop entrepreneurs who saw …

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