Insomnia, Depression and the Money-Making Mindset: Why Sleep Matters!

Written by Sarah Jones

It’s not unfair to say that the first six months can make or break a business. It’s these formative months where the foundations for the future are laid out, and your attitude and enthusiasm in this time sets up the expectations both in your mind and your clients attitudes about how you’re going to continue to do business in the future.

That’s why you need to make sure that you’re working at peak capacity, and one of the key aspects to this getting enough sleep.

See, sleep affects literally everything we do. We all innately know this, but in the rush that comes with starting a new project, it’s often forgotten. But it’s not something you can afford to let slip, even if it seems like you’ve got a million things to focus on and time to do maybe half of them.

The detrimental effects of sleep deprivation

 It can take as little as one night of bad sleep to affect your mood in noticeable ways.

For starters, just losing an hour of sleep causes …

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