How to Market Your New Business Online

Written by Hayden Myers

Most people now accept that having an online presence is crucial to the success of a new business that is trying to find its first customers and start growing. However, too many people spend a great deal of effort in creating their website, and then simply cross their fingers and wait for something to happen. But with so much competition and ‘noise’ out there, just having a website is no longer enough – you need to make continuous efforts to market it and promote your product, just like you do in the offline world.

We’ve broken the process down into a few questions to help you better understand what it takes for a website to do the job you want it to – of selling your product or service – and how to do it well.

Is your website mobile- and user-friendly?

A lot of business owners have a clear idea of what they want their website to look like – and that often includes things like company colors and large images, attractive fonts and other …

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How To Expand Your Podcast Audience By Thinking Like An Email Marketer

The more you know about your podcast audience,the more listeners you can get. But once you’ve established a core audience, how do you expand it? Identifying where and when to expand your marketing and content strategy is a constant challenge. Let’s grow your podcast audience by borrowing some tools and techniques from a different field.

Email marketers are familiar with audience segmentation and cohort analysis; they’re a part of almost every mature email marketing campaign. They let marketers identify subsections of their audiences and the other interests those audiences by combining social, demographic, and sales data into a complete picture. Once you identify the segments of your audience, you can send your emails to just the right people who will want to open them.

By applying these tools to podcasting, you can build a stronger relationship between your marketing plan and your overall content strategy. Identifying adjacent audiences will help you upgrade your media distribution, identify key points of collaboration with other podcasts, and diversify your SMM/SEM campaigns to bring in new listeners.

Here’s how:

Quantify Your Core …

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Five Steps to Social SEO – Step 3: Find Your Media

This is a multi-part series written by Lee Schneider about how to be found online using social SEO.  [If you missed step one of this series, it’s right here and step two is here.]

Everybody talks about engagement, but does anybody really know what it means? For me engagement has a lot to do with loyalty. If people like the content that you’re putting out, they come back for more. Either it’s interesting, funny, or funny and/or interesting.  (For an example of funny and/or interesting, see @pourmecoffee on Twitter.)

If You Were a Content Tree, What Kind Would You Be?

To make social SEO work for you, you have to practice it. A lot. Some recommend posting a blog a day, or at least several times per week. To create all that content, you’d better like doing it. So we have to ask, What do you naturally like to do? Some of us are writers. Others are talkers, and still others are visual people. Take some time to think about the content you really enjoy posting …

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Be Found Online: Recharge Your Website Using Social Connections

You have a brand new website or you’ve just refreshed your old one. It’s got great flow, with an action step on each page, calls to action sprinkled liberally throughout, and a clear mission statement where everybody can see it. Great!  Then why is it so quiet around here? You’ve checked your Google Analytics and the numbers are looking like a 10 year old’s shoe size.  What’s wrong?

Designing for Your Crowd

I’m a big fan of aesthetics. I like simple, clean designs. There are some really ugly sites out there – and, paradoxically, some of those eyesore sites have the most traffic. Why, with their sidebars, popups, banners and screaming color schemes, do they become popular?  Simple answer.

They have designed for their crowd.

The people who visit those sites are comfortable with a lot of … well, let’s call it noise. I know they’re not in my crowd, but when designing sites and advising clients, I always do this when on the road to building more traffic:  Consider how people really use the site, and question who …

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Manifesto: The Truth about SEO

Often I get this request: “I want Schmeckendorf Industries at the top of the Google rankings.” Well, actually I don’t get exactly that request, but everybody wants to be at the top of the rankings. It’s a worthy quest, akin to climbing Everest, but success depends on your equipment and stamina.

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