How To Build A Strong Brand Image And Keep Your Customers Happy

Written by Philip Piletic

Effective brand strategies are the way to build your company and keep your customers happy.  You can use one or all of the marketing techniques outlined below to make both happiness and growth happen:

Implement Smart Outreach Strategies

Although defined broadly, smart outreach is basically the process of connecting with your target market in an exciting, creative way that optimizes the brand awareness process. The end product of an effective smart outreach campaign is optimized visibility and enhanced conversion. Smart outreach strategies are effective because they build relationships while simultaneously ensuring that the prospective client becomes more familiar with the value of your brand.

There are numerous techniques you can deploy to generate these outcomes. One of them includes placing primacy on the community-building process. This strategy is effective because it involves reaching out to the target market in a manner that causes them to organize a “society” or “neighborhood” around your brand. By building a community of people around your brand, you’ll help make your product or service line a more integral part of the prospective …

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I Can Sell You Anything

You might hear a salesperson say this one day.

‘I can sell you anything.’

They can’t.

I remember sales books that claimed the reader could use their techniques to sell anything at all. Think that’s true?

Let’s run some hypotheticals. No matter how sharply honed my techniques are, there are limitations to what I am willing to do. If somebody came to me and said we need you to sell cigarettes to minors, I would say no. If somebody came to me and said we will pay you two million dollars next month, and all you have to do is sell this guy as a candidate for president. His name is Chris Christie. I would say no. If somebody said we need you to do this campaign that will make it okay for the NYPD to use the choke hold to subdue people. I would say no.

I’ve made some compromising decisions in my career. Even a few that sounded a lot like those above. I’m making different choices now, saying no when at one time I may have said yes.

The guys who started the eyeglasses …

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