Software is Eating PR

Once a lusty slogan, usually accompanied by burning torches and hoarse shouts, the rallying cry of ‘Software is Eating PR’ has become more than a cry. It has become real. The rumblings started with platforms like Muckrack, which automated the way we discovered journalists who might be interested in what we do, make or promote. The rumblings got louder with, and have become something you can’t just ignore with and

These platforms, good examples of SaaS (Software as a Service), make a search and discover mission that used to take half a day take about 2 minutes.  You pop in some keywords, then the platforms return a list of journalists who have written about those things. Also their emails, most of the time. Pressrush does a great job of helping you interact with the journalist, smoothing the process of sending a pitch that will be read.  Add in Boomerang or YesMail, and you can schedule when your messages go out, also increasing the chances they’ll be read.

It’s exciting, is creating new business models for me and for others, and is …

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